Beginning a Blog


I have kept a hand written journal for the past 15 or so years.  Also, I did scrapbooking for a while and have several albums to prove it.  While I enjoyed both, scrapbooking was time-consuming as well as costly, not to mention the space one must devote to the hobby.  And, typing a journal was easier than writing it out.

On a recent Amtrak trip to Arizona with family, I wanted to document our adventures, both in photos and journaling.  When we got home from the day’s activities I couldn’t wait to log on and “blog.”  I was hooked!

With today’s online blog sites, you can create a professional site without any HTML training.


My daughter wore a monogram sweater to school when she was in junior high (called middle school today).  They were very popular in the 80’s.  The sweater has long since been discarded, but the monogram was similar to this.


A guy in her class gave her the name  “little frog jumper.”  This became her nickname during those school years.  A URL should have a “catchy” name, and I’ve never forgotten my Little Frog Jumper.  So this is for you Lora Jo!